A Timeless Culture across Borders

Experience the ambiances of one of the oldest cultures in the world on a ceramic platter. With a trace of Sri Lankan tang,  Peach Valley stands as one of Colombo’s veteran Chinese Restaurants with a local touch.

The Establishment

Since inception in 1999, Peach Valley is run by Chinese culinary experts who intend to bring you the finest of Chinese dishes there is to offer. We are renowned for serving Colombo’s most authentic Chinese gourmet and hold a record of over 15 years of gratified customers, coming back for more. Our food not only narrates tales of delectable epicurean experiences, but offers more than just a sanctuary for devout Chinese cuisine connoisseurs.

A Saga of Flavours

Chinese cuisine, dating back over millennia, is the ultimate expression of a full range of fresh and authentic Asian flavours; a zesty play on your palate. It follows just one rudimentary rule- the perfect blend of the five flavours - sour, sweet, bitter, hot and salty - to achieve balance and harmony.

At Peach Valley, we emphasise on delivering the taste of China with contemporary elegance; making use of garden-fresh, hand-picked, local ingredients and produce to enhance your experience. Our kitchen is an innovative core fronted by culinary experts committed to serving the finest dishes paired with an exciting selection of delightful thirst-quenchers.

We promise to offer more than just good food. Our haute cuisine is served in a luxurious setting, giving you a fine dining experience like never before. Our lavish seating arrangement in the two-storey, century old, neoclassical English edifice turned Chinese siheyuan style restaurant and the venerable flavours and antique methods utilised in the preparation of the dishes is nothing short of a walk down any jiē of Guangzhou.

The creation of Chinese gourmet is not any science. It is a delicate art that encompasses the time-honoured customs and traditions of an ancient culture. We at Peach Valley aim to harness this finesse into every bite you take.