Salt and Pepper Cuttlefish

Deep fried cuttlefish marinated with a pinch of salt, pepper and dried chillies for garnish
S– 680 L– 1080

Deep Fried Cuttlefish with Barbecue Sauce

Sautéed cuttlefish and seasoned barbeque sauce dip to taste
S– 680 L– 1080

Hot Butter Cuttlefish

Deep fried spicy butter cuttlefish with chilli paste and green onion leaves
S– 700 L– 1100

Cuttlefish in Chilli Sauce

Boiled cuttlefish with spicy chilli sauce
S– 680 L– 1080

Cuttlefish in Sambal Chilli Sauce

Cuttlefish simmered with condiments and served with a spicy sambal chilli sauce
S– 680 L– 1080

Cuttlefish in Black Bean Sauce

Poached cuttlefish with a peppery black bean sauce amalgam
S– 680 L– 1080

Cuttlefish with Celery

A mix of baby corn, carrots and celery infused in a rich white sauce with boiled cuttlefish
S– 680 L– 1080

Cuttlefish in Dry Pot

Spiced cuttlefish boiled to precision mixed with green chilli, chopped onion and bell pepper served in a dry pot
S– 680 L– 1080

Beef in Chilli Sauce

Stir fried sliced beef servings with onions and capsicum
S– 650 L– 1130

Sichuan Style Spicy Beef

Tender beef diced and stir fried in a sweet and spicy sauce
S– 650 L– 1130

Beef in Oyster Sauce

Juicy beef immersed in classic oyster sauce with onions
S– 650 L– 1130

Beef in Black Pepper Sauce

Spicy stir fried shredded beef infused with black pepper sauce
S– 650 L– 1130

Beef in Ginger Sauce

Moist beef servings with a ginger sauce marinade
S– 650 L– 1130

Cumin Flavoured Mutton

Lean stir fried mutton seasoned with the refreshing flavour of cumin
S– 930 L– 1580

Mutton with Ginger and Spring Onion

Stir fried devilled mutton with ginger sauce garnished with spring onions
S– 930 L– 1580

Mutton with Green Chilli

Hot mutton dish with the pungent flavours of green chilli and peppers
S– 930 L– 1580

Peach Valley Special Appetizer Combination

A special assortment of prawn toasts, prawn salad, chicken wontons and fried fish, served with a flavoursome sweet sauce.
S- 1680 L- 2780

Cold Assorted Dish

Spare rib with strawberry sauce
S- 1680 L- 2780

Cold Lobster Salad

Chilled lobster meat immersed in fresh citrus vinaigrette, accompanied with a salad of apple, pineapple, cucumber and papaya seasoned with mayonnaise sauce, salt and pepper.

Deep Fried Shrimp Balls (minimum 2 pcs)

Deep fried crispy golden coated appetizer of rare shrimp ground with bread crumbs and served with a tangy sweet and sour sauce.
E– 285

Special Marinated Beef

Slices of steamed tender sirloin or round beef marinated in chilli, salt and pepper.
E– 680

Spring Rolls (3 pcs)

A smooth, crispy filo pastry filled with light, tender vegetables and a sweet and sour sauce to taste.
E– 480

Thai Style Seafood

A mixture of cuttlefish, prawns and fish fillet seasoned with green chillies, onions, corriander leaves, citrus lime and fish sauce for strong aromatic components with a spicy edge
E– 780

French Style Grouper Goose Liver Roll

A light, fresh fried puff pastry roll filled with grouper, foie gras and accompaniments
E– 990

Seaweed Taro Roll

Deep fried taro roll with seaweed and bread crumbs
E– 680

Cold Black Fungus

A refreshing hot and sour starter of steamed mushrooms served cold
E– 520

Roasted Chicken Wings in Honey Sauce

Roasted chicken wings packed with the flavours of honey, corriander and garnish
E– 680

Vietnamese Style Prawn Roll

Rice paper rolls packed with prawns, black mushroom, carrots and celery with a vinegar dipping sauce
E– 780

Mango Chicken Roll

Sweet and juicy ripe mango fused with mayonnaise sauce is the perfect balance for the savory ingredients in this Asian wrap
E– 650

Cucumber with Garlic

A blend of crisp cucumber mixed with plenty of garlic, sesame oil, salt and pepper for a light and refreshing appetizer
E– 480

Deep Fried Cuttlefish Balls (3 pcs)

A local culinary delight with the fresh flavours of cuttlefish, bread crumbs and spices
E– 650

Deep Fried Wontons (8 pcs)

Traditional Chinese starters stuffed with chicken, carrot, black mushroom and corriander leaves in a fried puff pastry
E– 680

Iced Bitter Gourd

Crunchy, with a slight bitter finish; raw shavings of steamed bitter melon nestled in ice before serving cold
E– 520


A Chinese Epicureanism made of ground meat (choice of chicken/ beef/pork) and vegetable filling wrapped into a thinly rolled piece of steamed dough served with vinegar and green chilli.
E– 600

Spicy Pork Ear

A crunchy popular side dish loved for its gristly texture marinated with spicy chilli oil and a cold cucumber salad on the side
E– 600

Cold Sheet Jelly

A chilled starch based sheet jelly appetizer

Seaweed Fish Ball Soup

A "Chiu Chow" style blend of natural seaweed soup with fish balls
S– 680 L– 1050

Corriander Leaves Fish Fillet Soup

Refreshing corriander based broth with succulent fish fillet
S– 620 L – 990

Tea Tree Mushroom Stewed Pork Ribs Soup

A fresh and flavourful amalgam of tea tree mushrooms and pork ribs
E– 1980

Peru Maca Stewed Chicken Soup

Traditional clear soup made with sautéed chicken and garnished with vegetables and Peruvian ginseng
E– 2880

Sweet Corn Soup (crab/chicken)

Popular southwestern Chinese rich soup made with sweet corn, egg and a choice of crab or chicken.
S– 620 L– 990

Thai Style Tom Yum Seafood Soup

An exclusive Thai gastronomy; a soothing broth of spicy seafood- cuttlefish, prawns and fish that will light up your taste buds
S– 820 L– 1380

Crab Meat Shark’s Fin Soup

A succulent potage of crab meat and shark’s fin with egg
E – 1180

Fish Head with Bean Curd Soup

Sumptuous fish head broth with the silky richness of tofu
S– 680 L– 1050

Sichuan Style Hot and Sour Soup

A Sichuan regional speciality; the classic blend of heat from black shiitake mushrooms and tofu
S– 620 L– 990

Tomato Oats Egg Soup

Healthy bisque with the fresh flavours of tomato, eggs and oats
S– 620 L– 990

Crab Meat with Fish Maw Soup

Chowder of delicate crab meat and fish maw
S– 1080 L– 1850

Vegetable Soup

A light consommé of tender carrots, mushrooms, cabbage and corriander
S– 580 L– 880

Wonton Soup

Aesthetic Chinese clear soup and steamed wontons packed with a choice of chicken or vegetable filling.
S– 620 L– 990

Chinese Cordyceps Flowers Stew Meat

A clear broth of stewed pork meat garnished with Chinese cordyceps flowers
E– 1980

Ginger Ribs

Tender spare ribs suffused in a rich ginger sauce
S– 980 L– 1680

Teriyaki Sauce Spare Rib

Sweet and salty Teriyaki glazed Chinese spare ribs
S– 980 L– 1680

Charcoal Neck of Pork

Slightly charred juicy steamed pork neck on a bed of refreshing cucumber slices
S– 820 L– 1380

Strawberry Style Spare Rib

Flavourful meat coated with sweet, tart and salty strawberry sauce, crispy on the outside but soft, tender and juicy inside; adorned with fresh strawberry pieces to accent the dish
S– 980 L– 1680

Peach Valley Special Pork Leg

Steamed pork leg immersed in brown sauce with enhancer
E– 1680

Black Pepper Bacon Roll

A filling of ground black peppercorns and mushroom wrapped up in sliced tender bacon
S– 920 L– 1480

Chinese Style Sweet Pepper Prawns

Prawns glazed in sweet sauce and ground peppercorns
S– 780 L– 1180

Abalone with Black Mushroom

Boiled abalone in a simple braising sauce with simmered Chinese mushrooms
E– 11500

Abalone with Vegetables

Poached abalone served with an array of fresh vegetables
E– 11500

Crab Porridge

Wholesome porridge of crab meat, rice and vegetables

Sea Cucumber with Black Mushroom

Sea cucumbers braised with steamed black mushrooms
E– 3350

Spicy Pork Leg

Spicy tender pork leg fried and served with peppers and dried chillies
E– 1680

Braised Pork in Soy Sauce

Tender braised pork prepared in soy sauce with complementary add-on spices
S– 820 L– 1380

Spiced Australian Lamb Chops

Grilled moist lamb chops marinated in a sweet and spicy sauce
S– 1280 L– 1980

Spiced Pork Leg

Pork leg steamed in spicy sauce and accompaniments to taste
E– 1680

Crab with Salted Egg

Deep fried crab dunked in a mixture of salty egg batter

Dry Curry Fried Mutton

Fried servings of mutton sautéed in appetizing dry gravy
S– 1280 L– 1980

Prawn on Hot Plate

Kebab style prawns immersed in Chinese glaze served over a hot plate
S– 780 L– 1180

Sichuan Style Spicy Crab

Spicy deep fried crab served with peppers and garnish

Oyster Emperor Abalone

Abalone glazed in sweet oyster sauce topped with vegetables for garnish
E– 16800

Green Jade Style Awabi

A healthy platter of steamed awabi, mushroom and broccoli
E– 2880

Fresh Hot Sesame Chicken

Spicy portion of chicken breast marinated in hot sesame sauce and sesame seeds
S– 780 L– 1550

Sea Cucumber with Fish Maw

Boiled sea cucumber with braised fish maw sauce
E – 3350

Chop Chilli Si Chinese Style


Black Bean Chicken in Clay Pot

Diced fried chicken served with black beans and peppers for garnish in a clay pot
S– 630 L– 1080

Home Style Spicy Bean Curd in Clay Pot

Clay pot full of spicy tofu and braised peppers
S– 520 L– 880

Seafood and Glass Noodles in Clay Pot

Spicy mix of prawns, cuttlefish and fish with glass noodles in a clay pot
S– 680 L– 1080

Eggplant and Salted Fish in Clay Pot

A curry style fried eggplant and salted dry fish served in a clay pot
S– 580 L– 920

Belly Beef in Clay Pot

Pork belly meat in a clay pot immersed in dark sauce
S– 980 L– 1580

Lime Vanilla Fried Grouper

Lime and vanilla marinated fried grouper fish in a clay pot

Ginger Huai Qi Fish Head in Clay Pot

Sweet fresh Huai Qi fish head browned in ginger sauce and enhanced with green onions and vegetables
S– 680 L– 1080

Three Cup Chicken in Clay Pot

A sweet and spicy Southern Chinese chicken dish prepared with soy sauce, rice wine and sesame oil
S– 630 L– 980

Fried Stir Mixed Vegetables in Clay Pot

Mixed vegetables dish consisting of stir fried carrot, baby corn and mushrooms plunged in sauce
S– 480 L– 760

Crab with Glass Noodles in Clay Pot

Stir fried crab sprinkled glass noodles served in clay pot

Berry Fish with Ginger Onion in Clay Pot

Clay pot of fried fish with ginger and berry sauce and green onions
S-680 L– 1080

Black Bean Cuttlefish in Clay Pot

A mixture of fried cuttlefish served with stir fried black beans
S– 680 L– 1080

Sizzling Beef in Brown Sauce

Fried diced beef prepared with simmered vegetables on an iron plate
S– 680 L– 1080

Sizzling Fried Spiced Beef

Servings of spicy fried beef served with bell peppers
S– 680 L– 1080

Sizzling Black Pepper Cuttlefish

A sizzling platter of fried cuttlefish with ground black pepper
S– 680 L– 1080

Sizzling Pepper Garlic Eggplant

Fried eggplant prepared with pepper and garlic sauce with gravy
S– 580 L– 880

Sizzling Pan Long Style Eggplant

Eggplant fried in a sizzling sauce and served pan long style
S– 580 L– 880

Sizzling Belly Pork

A salver of fried moist belly pork served with spring onions and black mushroom
S– 680 L– 1080

Sizzling Chicken

Sizzling chicken on bone garnished with bell pepper and spring onions with sauce
S– 680 L– 1080

Sizzling Xi Shi Style Prawns

Xi Shi fried prawns prepared with gravy, tomato, peppers and onions on hot plate
S– 780 L– 1180

Sizzling Dry Chilli Mutton

Spicy fried mutton served on a bed of dried chillies and greens
S– 1080 L– 1880

Sizzling Special Egg Bean Curd

A hot plate of sizzling egg tofu with a selection of vegetable, pork or chicken sauce topping
S– 680 L– 920

Thai Style Fish Fillet

Thai style prepared fried fish topped with Bombay onions, green chillies, tomatoes, lime and fish sauce
S– 650 L– 1080

Ginger Fish Fillet with Spring Onion

Stir fried fish marinated in ginger sauce and spring onions served with sauce
S– 650 L– 1080

Fish Fillet in Chilli Sauce

Piquant dish of fried fish with chilli sauce
S– 650 L– 1080

Indonesian Style Fish Fillet

Sweet and spicy fish fillet with gravy prepared in Indonesian style
S– 720 L– 1180

Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet

Batter fried fish served with a sweet sauce and gravy of pineapple, tomatoes and cucumber
S– 650 L– 1080

Peach Valley Special Fish with Sour Cabbage

A platter of moist fish fillet in Peach Valley’s special home-made sauce served with sour cabbage

Sichuan Style Court Grilled Fish

Sichuan style spicy grilled fish topped with dried chillies and peppers for garnish

Sichuan Style Boiled Fish

Spicy boiled fish with a hot Sichuan style sauce

Thai Style Grouper (steamed/fried)

A spicy and aromatic fillet of grouper prepared to your request (steamed/ fried)

Steamed Grouper (soya sauce/black bean sauce)

Tender fillet of steamed grouper served with an option of Black bean sauce or Soy sauce

Double Chilli Grouper in Brown Sauce

Fiery fried grouper fish doused in brown sauce

Malaysian Curry Fish Head

Spicy fish head curry prepared in Malaysian style with gravy
S– 1080 L– 1680

Chao Style Ming Furnace Sea Fish

Sea fish stir fried in Chinese spicy sauce garnished with greens

Pomfret (steamed/fried)

A choice of freshly prepared steamed or fried pomfret with a choice of Thai sauce or Soy sauce

Ginger Crab with Spring Onion

Deep fried tantalizing crab meat marinated in ginger sauce with spring onion

Carved Steamed Crab

Succulent crab clusters steamed to entice your palate

Hong Kong Style Crab

Honk Kong style fried crab on a bed of chopped peppers sprinkled with ground peanuts

Hong Kong Style Curry Crab

Spicy fried crab plunged in a Honk Kong style sauce served with gravy

Singaporean Style Chilli Crab

Tangy Singaporean style fried crab with fiery chilli sauce

Singaporean Style Chilli Lobster

Spicy Singaporean style fried lobster in chilli sauce

Ginger Lobster with Spring Onion

Ginger and soya sauce infused deep fried lobster with chopped spring onion

Fried Crab in Butter

Sweet deep fried crab glazed with a rich butter based sauce and garnish

Black Pepper Crab

Spicy fried crab with fine ground black pepper and citrus vinaigrette

Spicy Lobster

Spice rubbed Chinese lobster with broccoli and hot sauce

Lobster with Cheese

A delectable fried golden brown lobster topped with a creamy cheese delight

Lobster in Butter

A scrumptious deep fried lobster topped with a sweet mellifluous butter coating

Steamed Lobster with Garlic

Steamed lobster topped with zesty garlic sauce and vegetables

Diced Chicken in Chilli Sauce

Stir fried diced boneless chicken in spiced chilli sauce with dried chillies and peppers
S– 620 L– 1080

Diced Chicken in Kong Bao Sauce

Sweet boneless diced chicken immersed in dark sauce served with a topping of crunchy greens
S– 620 L– 1080

Sweet and Sour Chicken

Crispy sweet and sour boneless delight deep fried in batter and served with pineapple and tomato
S– 620 L– 1080

Shanghai Style Salty Chicken

A typical Shanghai style salty steamed chicken with preserved vegetables and sweet and sour sauce
S– 1080 L– 2080

Dong’an Chicken

Signature Southern Chinese dish of parboiled chicken, chilli peppers and spices, stir-fried in vegetable oil and vinegar
S– 620 L– 1080

Deep Fried Chicken Wings

Deep batter fried succulent chicken wings immersed in a sweet and sour sauce
S– 680 L– 1180

Crispy Fried Chicken

Crisp and soft deep fried boneless chicken epicure
S– 880 L– 1680

Cantonese Style Steamed Chicken

Steamed chicken with distinctive Cantonese style elements of spring onions and ginger sauce
S– 780 L– 1550

Cantonese Style Roast Duck

A scrumptious Cantonese whole roast duck with the exotic flavours of hoisin sauce, five-spice powder, root ginger, spring onions, yellow bean sauce,honey and soy sauce
S– 1980 L– 3880

Peking Duck (one day notice)

Whole duck with a crispy skin and fat rendered down to a thin layer of deliciousness, air dried on hooks prior to preparation for denser meat with a gamier flavour wrapped with duck sauce and onion leaves
E– 11000

Tea Tree Mushroom with Chicken in Hot Pot

Stir fried boneless chicken with simmered tea tree mushrooms served in a hot pot
S– 620 L– 1080

Diced Chicken with Black Bean Sauce

Diced chicken serving with spicy black bean sauce and pepper toppings
S– 620 L– 1080

Lemon Chicken

Extra light and crispy batter fried sweetened boneless chicken with a balance of acrid lemon extract
S– 880 L– 1680

Sesame Crispy Chicken

Crusty deep fried diced chicken soaked in sweet and spicy sauce peppered with sesame seeds
S– 880 L– 1680

Steamed Chicken with Black Mushroom

A fusion of steamed chicken on bone with sesame sauce, black mushroom and a touch of spices
S– 880 L– 1680

Gele Mountain Chilli Chicken

A mount of diced deep fried spicy chicken peppered with dried chilli and onion leaves
S– 880 L– 1680

Special Ginger Chicken

Special ginger glazed steamed chicken slices garnished with green onions
S– 780 L– 1550

Black Mushrooms Roast Duck Roll

Black mushrooms and roast duck filling enveloped in light filo pastry and onion wrap
S– 1980 L– 3880

Fried Roast Duck with Ginger and Spring Onion

Sliced fried roast duck in ginger paste with stir fried spring onion and bell peppers
S– 1980 L– 3880

Hibiscus Goose Lirer Prawns

S– 990 L– 1680

Fried Battered Prawns

Shell less prawns deep fried in batter accompanied with a sweet sauce dip
S– 820 L– 1280

Prawns with Spicy Sauce

Stir fried shell less prawns mixed with a spicy sauce
S– 820 L– 1280

Prawns with Kong Bao Sauce

Sweet prawns glazed in dark sauce and stir fried without the shell
S– 820 L– 1280

Prawns with Chilli Sauce

Pepper fried prawns mixed with chilli sauce and served with vegetables
S– 820 L– 1280

Fried Prawns in Butter

Jumbo shell less prawns deep fried and coated in a thick butter sauce goodness
S– 820 L– 1280

Indonesian Curry Prawns

Spicy Indonesian style jumbo or regular prawns in pungent gravy with greens
S– 880 L– 1350

Sweet and Sour Prawns

Deep fried sweet and sour shell less prawns topped with saucy tomato, pineapple and cucumber
S– 820 L– 1280

Prawns in Hot Garlic Sauce

Shell less fried prawns drizzled in a fiery garlic sauce
S– 820 L– 1280

Salt and Pepper Prawns

Deep fried prawns seasoned with salt and pepper served with dried chilli
S– 820 L– 1280

Hong Kong Style Dried prawns

Deep fried prawns without shell with vegetables and coating of ground peanuts
S– 820 L– 1280

Prawns in Maggi Sauce

Sweet fried prawns doused in thick zesty sauce
S– 820 L– 1280

Steamed Prawns with Garlic

Steamed garlic flavoured jumbo prawns served with glass noodles
S– 820 L– 1280

Cantonese Style Fried Prawns

Golden bread crumb coated fried sweet prawns
S– 780 L– 1280

Pork in Chilli

Lean stir fried pork in homemade chilli sauce
S– 630 L– 1030

Macau Style Pork

Stir fried pork with fat simmered in dark sauce and condiments
S– 780 L– 1180

Sweet and Sour Pork

A saucy mix of tomato, pineapple and cucumber with stir fried tender lean pork and sweet sauce
S– 630 L– 1030

Belly Pork with Maggi Sauce

Pork with fat stir fried in a palatable sweet sauce
S– 630 L– 1030

Shredded Pork with Green Chilli

Stir fried spicy spare shredded pork mixed with green chilli
S– 630 L– 1030

Chinese Cabbage with Boiled Bacon

Bacon boiled in a rich sauce served with Chinese cabbage
S– 720 L– 1180

Steamed Belly Pork with Dark Vegetables

Pork with fat steamed with dark soy sauce and accented with black mushroom
E– 880

Sichuan Style Spicy Pork

Spiced pork meat adorned in a sweet Sichuan style and pepper strewn saucy dish
S– 680 L– 1150

Pork in Black Pepper Sauce

Curry style stir fried pork in black pepper sauce with capsicum in gravy
S– 630 L– 1030

Sichuan Style Belly Pork

Spicy belly pork with fat stir fried with cabbage and peppers
S– 680 L– 1150

Ma Po Bean Curd

Spicy tofu with pork prepared in a curry style
S– 580 L– 880

Salt and Pepper Bean Curd

A dry dish consisting of fried tofu seasoned with salt and pepper and topped with onions and green chilli
S– 580 L– 880

Deep Fried Crispy Bean Curd

Crunchy deep fried bean curd with salad greens accompanied with a complementary sweet sauce
S– 580 L– 880

Indonesian Style Curry Bean Curd

Spicy diced bean curd prepared in Indonesian style with strong flavours of spices and gravy
S– 620 L– 920

Seafood Bean Curd with Yolk

A thick saucy blend of prawns and cuttlefish with an amalgamation of bean curd, sweet sauce and egg yolk
S– 620 L– 920

Seafood Bean Curd in Brown Sauce

Diced stir fried bean curd laced with brown sauce and garnish
S– 580 L– 880

Hot and Sour Bean Curd

An amalgam of spicy and sour stir fried bean curd served with glazed vegetable shavings
S– 580 L– 880

Fried Bean Curd in Chilli Sauce

Stir fried bean curd mixed in hot chilli sauce
S– 580 L– 880

Village Style Bean Curd

Zesty village style bean curd devilled and served with vegetables
S– 580 L– 880

Shredded Potato with Green Chilli

Boiled and shredded taters seasoned with salt, pepper and chilli powder with dried chilli add ons
S- 480 L- 760

Kan Kong with Garlic

Boiled tender shoots and leaves of the tropical kan kong with a nutty grind of garlic and green chilli
S– 480 L– 760

Mix Mushroom in Chilli Sauce

A mix of three mushroom types sautéed in garlic sauce and garnished with green chilli
S– 520 L– 820

Green Bean with Garlic

Stir fried green beans glazed in a hot garlic sauce
S– 480 L– 760

Pak Choi with Garlic

Chinese pak choi simmered in garlic sauce with a touch of salt and pepper
S– 480 L– 760

Sweet Potato Leaves with Garlic

Stewed sweet potato leaves (batala kola) with a warm garlic sauce
S– 500 L– 920

Fried Special Cabbage

Fried cabbage fused with a spicy sauce served on a hot plate

Chinese Cabbage with Spicy Sauce

Poached Chinese cabbage made fiery with a chilli sauce
S– 520 L– 820

Green Bean with Olive Leaves

Boiled green beans with a choice of olive leaves seasoned with coarse salt and ground pepper
S– 500 L– 780

Fried Green Bean with Eggplant

Eggplant served with stir fried green beans and a mix of onion and peppers
S– 500 L– 780

Fried Mushroom in Hot Butter Sauce

Deep fried mushroom covered in creamy butter sauce mixed with dried chilli and onion leaves
S– 560 L– 920

Broccoli with Garlic

Boiled broccoli sautéed in garlic sauce with salt and pepper to taste
S– 980 L– 1580

Vegetarian Duck with Chilli Sauce

Soybean and wheat mixture with a selection of spicy chilli sauce or dark Kong Bao sauce
E– 990


Fried egg and chopped vegetables with a choice of adding chicken or crab meat
S – 520 L – 780

Yangzhou Style Fried Rice

Signature Peach Valley dish of fried basmati rice with mixed vegetables, egg, chicken and shrimps
S– 520 L– 780

Fried Rice with Sambal Chilli Paste

Spicy fried rice with vegetables and egg mixed with chilli paste
S– 530 L– 800

Fried Rice with Salted Fish and Chicken

Mixed fried rice with vegetables and egg with added elements of salted chicken and fish
S– 520 L– 780

Fried Rice with Vegetables

Regular vegetable fried rice with a choice of egg or without egg
S– 480 L– 750

Pineapple Seafood Fried Rice

Seafood fried rice mixed with cuttlefish, prawns and sweet pineapple pieces
S– 550 L– 830

Cantonese Style Vermicelli

Fresh sweet Cantonese style fried noodles vermicelli
S– 580 L– 980

Seafood Vermicelli Soup

A clear stew of boiled noodles mixed with vegetables or seafood; could be enjoyed as a starter or main course
S– 580 L– 980

Chicken Fried Noodles

Mixed fried noodles with chicken and vegetables
S– 580 L– 980

Fish Head with Vermicelli Soup

A light consommé of fish head and vermicelli noodles garnished with spices
S– 680 L– 1120

Fried Kottu

Fried noodles with an amalgamation of egg and garnish with options consisting of seafood, chicken, pork, beef or just simple vegetables
S– 680 L– 1120

Braised Rice with Seafood

Fried rice topped with a thick savoury sauce with mixed seafood
S– 550 L– 830

Peach Valley Special Fried Rice

Special mixed fried rice with the options of choosing pork, seafood or chicken constituents for meat
S– 820 L– 1580

Fried Rice with Seafood in Chilli Sauce

Spicy fried rice with stir fried seafood served with chilli sauce
S– 550 L– 830

Steamed Rice

Standard plain white steamed rice portion
E – 150

Singaporean Style Fried Vermicelli

Spicy fried vermicelli noodles prepared in Singaporean style with options of seafood, chicken and vegetarian to select from
S– 580 L– 980

Malaysian Style Fried Noodles

Classic Malaysian inspired spicy stir fried noodles also known as mee goreng mixed with vegetables and seafood
S– 680 L– 1120

Fujian Style Noodles

Deep fried egg noodles topped with seafood, sweet and sour sauce and accompaniments
S– 680 L– 1120

Spaghetti with Minced Meat Tomato Sauce

Spaghetti boiled and coated with a braise of minced meat and tomato sauce
S– 680 L– 1120

Steamed Kottu with Black Bean Seafood

Steamed noodles kottu mixed with simmered black bean, scrambled egg and seafood delights
S– 680 L – 1120

Dry Pan Fried

Dry pan-fried glass noodles mixed with tomato, bell peppers and egg with a choice of seafood or chicken meat
S– 680 L – 1120